Friday, September 18, 2009

WEEK TWO: New Days on the Farm!

This week we added a BARN to our farm mural, along with some animals. We also explored the concept of time. Gabe follwed me all over the house, showing me "what time it was" on his giant wrist watch that we made from an old plastic container cover. He would say things like "It's sixty o'clock!" or "now what time does it say?" or "what do we do when the clock says this?" Our letter of the week is Aa, and I think the highlight was doing a cupboard search party. I allowed Gabe to take a pen and circle (on any pantry item) all the Aa's he found. At one point I had to chase after Quinn, and came back to find that my little preschool artist had gotten carried away with the pen. But I still smile when I take out a box or can of food and find a scribbly circle around the letter Aa! Did you know that the letter A has THREE sounds??"Astronaut Abe from Alaska" is our mascot this week.

Check back next week to see what's in store for our mural! And to see pics of Gabe with his new haircut! (he can finally see again!) On Sunday we are going on a field trip to Sassy Cow, a local organic dairy farm.

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