Friday, September 25, 2009

Preschool Week Three: "A FARM PROVIDES FOOD"

This week we learned quite a bit about hens. We played "Who's Hiding My Egg?": the 'farmer' would hide a plastic egg in their lap and the 'hen' would have to guess which person was the farmer with the egg. It didn't last long as it was just Daddy, Gabe, Quinn, and mommy playing. Quinn did not make a good farmer--he can't keep a secret and would hold the egg up high to give it back to the hen! Above is Gabe's paper plate hen, our finale art project for the week. It was supposed to have tissue paper feathers, but Gabe refused to glue any tissue to his project...he adamantly drew the feathers instead. Strange...since he rarely refuses a project involving glue...

Our farm mural update this week: we added a hen! Mommy helped:) Gabe's other hen went straight to his bedroom art wall. He has been refusing to attach his animals to the mural; he wants them in his bedroom instead! (I don't blame him, as Quinn has been known to rip the mural animals off from time to time...we now have a headless rooster on the mural).

During our study of farms we have been also talking about orchards. We created an "apple tree" out of an old cereal box, some popsicle sticks, and some magnetic tape. We also made an apple basket (labeled with an "A") to hold the apples (made out of red pom poms). We hot glued magnetic tape to the pom pom apples, to make them stick to the apple tree. In theory! It didn't quite work as planned, the magnetic tape wasn't strong enough and it took a lot of work to fill the tree with the magentic apples. We were able to play one game using the apple tree project though. We would roll dice, and whatever number we rolled was the number of apples we would "pick" off the tree and put into the apple basket. Whoever picked the last apple from the tree lost the game! (By the time the last apple was picked, neither one of us felt like getting all those apples back on that tree--they just didn't want to stick!)

Week 3 letter of the week: Ff
Here we drew the letter F, and then would add to it to form it into a picture/object that started with F. Ok, most of the objects started with an F, anyway! Our character of the week was "friendly Fred," who helps us remember that this letter only says one sound! Gabe is flying through his letter recognition, most of these letters are just review. Gabe is beginning to sound out short words, but it goes something like this: "D-o-g.....Golf!!" He gets so excited at the last letter sound in the word, that he just shouts out anything that begins with that letter! I'm just glad he has an interest in sounding things out:)

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