Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quinn is walking!

Target: Yogurt Container!
Quinn took his first steps on Saturday, August 22nd. Age 13 mos!
Quinn is a cautious child. He has been taking mini-steps (one foot forward, the other safely planted) for quite awhile now! We knew it was a matter of time! Then it happened. One day, just after returning home from the Madison Farmer's Market, Quinn saw an empty yogurt container on the table and he went for it--throwing caution to the wind! He must have been HUNGRY! Once he had that container in his hands, he was so proud. I even let him play with it for awhile, despite the fact that it was dripping all over the floor. I had to let him bask in the pleasure of that coveted container! He still isn't sure about this whole walking thing--he takes a few more steps each day. Truly baby steps! Now, a few weeks after those first steps, he is bravely toddling across the living room every once in awhile. But still preferring to get places quickly by crawling!

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