Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tree Decorating: December 2009

This is the only photo that even remotely turned out!

And Quinn takes out Gabe with one final blow!

Dress Up!

Puppy dog Quinn. Photo taken Dec 1, 2009 (age 16 mos)

Who could this be?

It's a Super Mario Brother! It's Luigi!
Photo taken Nov 2009, age 4.

Preschool: Farm Unit coming to a close!

Monster Munchies!
He likes to eat a very specific diet. Only objects that begin with a certain letter! What will the letter be today?

Just in time for Thanksgiving! We made a turkey out of a paper plate. I was astonished when Gabe showed me his final project: an exact replica of the turkey in the project photo. A perfectionist in the making.....oh no!

Quinn says: "Gotcha camera!"