Friday, September 12, 2008

Daddy's crazy work hours

Daddy has been putting in a massive quantity of hours at the store he manages on State Street here in Madison. The college kids have gone back to school, which means that Daddy puts in a lot more hours as it is his busy season! He is averaging 14 hour days. Above is a photo of Quinn enjoying some quality time with Dad. I don't know if you can tell--but our dog Zoe is also in the photo, curled up at the foot of the couch. It's a sleep-fest! With Daddy working such long hours, Gabe has stepped up around the house. He's my big helper! Yesterday, as I was preparing Quinn for bed, I noticed that the "poopy" diaper I had set aside for scrubbing was....mysteriously missing. I thought I was loosing my mind. (Oh--by the way, it's important to note here that we use cloth diapers! No, we don't scrub and re-use 'sposies!) I started to retrace my afternoon in my mind. Maybe I had already taken it to the laundry area? Who am I? Where do I live? Guess where I found the dirty thing? In the garbage. Yes, Gabe had seen that thing laying there, and he decided what-on-earth-was-mom-thinking-to-leave-this-here, and he disposed of it for me. A $15 diaper, tossed in the kitchen trash can:) What a helper, bless his little heart. Now, if only I can train him to launder diapers.....and maybe to prepare meals as we are huge take-out fans these days.
But at least one thing was established in all of this: I was NOT losing my mind (at least not this time).

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