Friday, September 12, 2008

All Thumbs

Week of Sept 7th, 2008:

It's official: Quinn sucks his thumb! He discovered that yes, those little fingers DO belong to his body...and now he is beginning to experiment with what they can do. Gabriel was always a pacifier addict. Although Quinn adores his paci, his thumb is moving right up there on the list, even competing for first place! When I took out the camera to get a picture of this week's thumb sucking milestone, Gabe said, "Mom, look--I'm sucking my fingers too!!" Maybe thumb sucking will become an epidemic around here? Last week Quinn began to respond to all of us with the dearest little gurgles and coo's. If you give him your attention he will give you the most infectious smile, followed by a little baby-conversation. He especially loves to get the attention of his big brother. There is some serious brotherly love happening around here on a daily basis! I must say, it's heart melting.

(both photos taken Sept 8th, 2008.)

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Leon, Karen and family said...

Thanks for starting a website for your family. It is so much fun to be able to keep up with your growing family, and of course you and Ross too!
So happy to hear that Quinn has started smiling and cooing...they sure do make all the work involved with babies worth while:)
Keep the pictures coming!
Karen, Leon and family