Thursday, January 3, 2013

In honor of Nellie and baby cubby.

A little break from the usual?
My sister sweet is halfway through her first pregnancy,
and I am over an hour from her.
I deeply desire to sit down to nice cups of decaf coffee and chat baby.
But until that happens...
I brewed myself a cup, and am enjoying the silence of a sleeping house.
Watching the clock tick wee late hours...
Joyfully typing as if we were chatting.
This list is in her honor.

The Go-To Gotta-have-it List for New Mommies.
~Great Reads~
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin
Ina May is nationally known as an expert on all-things-birth, being a highly respected, certified
midwife.  She is not a professed Christ-follower, but she treats birth as the mysterious
miracle that modern medicine in missing.  Her books are full of wisdom and strength, telling
the bare bones of what birth is really like.
Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent
I could not get enough of this book--hard to put down!  Wonderful birth stories told
through the eyes of a midwife.
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by McCutcheon
A great book for pain techniques and learning labor stages, etc.
Not necessarily just for natural childbirth.
MOVIE:  The Business of Being Born, starring Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein
Birth is a business.  Hospitals need to turn a profit.  Learn about the
cycle of pitocin, pain, and c-sections that plague American hospitals.
The Vaccine Book by Sears
Babies are given dozens of immunizations in their first year of life.
Learn what each shot is for, if it is necessary or simply convenient, and what
the possible side effects to your child could be.
Our government has a fund set up for children harmed by vaccines.
That should alarm you.
Especially since babies are vaccinated in their first moments of life!
Vaccinated by Offit
Read both sides of the vaccine argument!
This book is pro-vaccine.
Very informative, telling how immunizations were invented.
Includes information on what years to FEAR flu viruses, and what years
to skip the flu vaccine.
Includes information on the use of fetal cells in vaccines.
The No Cry Sleep Solution by Pantley
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weissbluth
Babies sometimes don't like to sleep?
Great books on sleep techniques, encouragement for overtired parents,
research on how naps develop and change throughout childhood,
colic advice, and sleep charts to determine sleep quantity needs per age group
and how sleep affects learning/development.
I do not agree with all Weissbluth says about techniques for "crying it out,"
although he does offer several alternative options with no-cry solutions.
His book is very choppy reading, not very organized--but the meat
and research it contains is invaluable.

~ Breastfeeding ~
1.  My Brestfriend nursing pillow
superior to the Boppy because it offers back support.
It also buckles on, so you can use it while standing.  Carefully!

2.  Nursing cover
3.  Nursing tank top
these are nice b/c they allow you to breastfeed in public places
without exposing postpartum tummy/back

4.  Lily padz
Great for under t-shirts, as conventional breastpads are bulky
and make you look like you stuff your bra, lol!
Very simple to clean.

5.  Medela breastpump
Often insurance policies will reimburse you for part
of your breastpump cost.
The Medela "swing" is my fav!  Great for occasional pumping,
and simulates the natural rhythm of feeding.
Worth every penny!
(that said, milk storage bags are great, too).

6.  Breast hot/cold packs
When your milk first comes in, or when you are weaning--
and even if you have plugged ducts or other pains,
these are so, so nice!


~ Baby Care ~

These are just a few items I could not live without!

1.  Booty Balm by Lusa Organics
The smell of this reminds me of babyhood.  I always
have it onhand.  GREAT for preventing diaper rash:
slather it on baby's bum every evening before bed.
Safe for cloth diapers.

2.  Triple Paste
Cures bad cases of diaper rash EVERY time!
I keep this and Booty Balm in the changing table at all times.
(Do not use with cloth diapers without a liner.)

3.  Baby soaps:
Dr. Bronner's Organic Castille soap baby mild, unscented
(be careful not to get this into baby's eyes.  We use it at our house,
as an entire family--but the CA baby soap is more gentle on eyes if you
are worried at all about avoiding baby's eye area)
California Baby Super Sensitive baby wash and lotion
Beware of traditional baby soaps, as many contain "fragrance" or sulfates,
and other skin irritants that newborn skin
(or any skin for that matter!) cannot handle.
Skin is the body's largest organ, and it absorbs what
you put on it.

Best shop to get "crunchy" baby products at low prices:
(it also will give me $10 off a future purchase, so thank you!)

4.  Ecover Stain Remover
a natural, eco-friendly stain stick that is AMAZING!
I have tried it on just about everything...
including ground in, old stains.
I am a fanatic!
(I just ordered a --CASE!--)
you can get this on vitacost for a great price.

Best resources:
Baby and cloth diaper supplies/blog:
Breastfeeding support:  La Leche League

~ Enjoy! ~

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