Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why homeschool?

So...why homeschool?

I get that question a lot.  In fact, some people don't even ask it...but I know it's right there festering in the back of their minds and they WANT to ask me.  But they don't know how to word it, or how to ask it without seeming rude.  I was once one of those people:)

Several years ago I met a homeschool family. 
I knew very little about homeschooling, and wasn't even all that interested in it.  I just enjoyed their company, and one day was invited to their home to see what their typical school day was like.  My perception of homeschooling was forever changed.
I watched two boys eagerly showing me what they were learning, experiments they were conducting...I listened as they couldn't wait to recite to me all the countries of the African continent.  The boys were very social, great friends with each other--able to play with my son (age 3 at the time?) and also hold adult conversations well.  I was...well...impressed!

It is amazing the journey that began that day.
I have since met many homeschool families.  Some that have children who are now grown, some just starting.  And these are not families that I met at homeschool conferences.  These are families in Madison, WI that I have met at random through various social functions I've attended.  Some at the place I volunteer weekly. Some at church.  They are EVERYWHERE!

It is a huge movement!
I am very much pro-public school, pro-private any school really!  I attended a great public school growing up:)  And I have treasured family members who are teachers.  So do not be afraid of me because I chose homeschooling.  We each do what we feel is best for our child(ren).  I chose homeschooling for many reasons unique to my family.  Mostly, I want my kids to fall in love with learning.  To desire to seek knowledge the way they seek cookies.  Some kids do that easily in public school settings, they just "get it."  I wanted to be able to tailor my kids' learning environments specifically to their needs and interests.  So that they never fall through the cracks, never want to give up on learning.  For the pure joy of it!  And at the same time I wanted to develop their character, to teach them through the lens of a Christ-centered worldview.  For me, Jesus is not a word spoken on Sundays or a fairy tale of sorts.  He is the light that directs my paths daily, I speak his name and it is like honey on my lips.  I will follow Him forever.  And sending my kids to private Christian school was not finacially viable.  And I am glad for that, b/c it led us to homeschooling!  It is a huge responsibility, yes, and very time consuming.  It is time consuming to blog about it!  But I enjoy sharing with long distance family and allowing people a window into a homeschool family if they are curious what it is all about. 

I enjoy having Gabe and Quinn around and passing on my love of learning.  It is truly a blessing to have the ability to CHOOSE our children's educations, isn't it?  What a great country, what a great STATE we live in!  To be free to educate our kids in the ways that are best for them as individuals!

So, whether your kids are public schoolers, private schoolers, homeschooled or charter schooled--welcome to my blog about our journey.

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."

May God bless your children's journeys!

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