Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kindergarten Week 3: Sun unit

Kindergarten Week 3:  The sun!

(Gabe and Quinn empty the contents of their bags after collecting items on a nature walk)

Letter of the week:  Ss
We have officially started phonics again.  We left off with phonograms and digraphs in the spring.  This year we are starting slowly with a little review time, reviewing handwriting especially.  This week we are reviewing the letter "S."  I am not sure how the rest of the year will progress...I am taking my cues from Gabe.  We started this week by using a fabulous website called, where we played games relating to reading skills.  Gabe LOVES this website!  It is fabulous, and FREE! 
When we ended our preschool year, Gabe was reading simple words, beginner BOB books, and knew a handful of sight words.  This year I hope to have him reading on his own completely by the end of the year--BUT, it is more important to me that he enjoys the process than how quickly he arrives at that destination.

Let's paint!

(the boys really enjoyed this activity)

Some of our sun-themed activities:
-painting with patterns in orange and yellow
-keeping a chart of how long it takes grapes to turn into raisins when left in the sun
-learning about shadows
-book of the week:  Bear Shadow by Frank Asch


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