Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hinchley Dairy Farm Tour, October 1st, 2009

Gabe milking a cow!

Gabe is thinking: "there is NO WAY that I'm letting this calf suck on MY finger! Mom--YOU do it! (I did, it was awesome)

Gabe holding a baby chick; the two became close friends. I was amazed watching how gentle my rough-and-tumble boy was!

Is that a rooster on your head??

Mrs. Hinchley gave each of the children a corn cob to feed to the chickens, ducks, goats, and whoever else was roaming the barnyard! Gabe took the corn off one kernel at a time. AND--We got to see BLUE chicken eggs in the hen house!

City kids!
The Hinchley Farm Tour (through FISH, our homeschool group) was such a blast. We got poop on our shoes, smelled crazy smells, got rained on while we picked was a great experience (REALLY!) We will love to go back again someday. I have great admiration for farmers. The highlight of my day was when we entered the milking barn, about to milk a cow for the first time ever--Gabe buried his head in my sweater and said, "I want to get out of here, Mom! It smells awful!" What a NEAT, NEAT tour--a very good glimpse of farm life, left me wishing I could raise a few chickens in our backyard. Thank you, Hinchleys, for the opportunity to show my kids where their food comes from, and to pretend--at least for a few hours--that we were farmers, too.

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