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The Logic of English ~ WITH LITTLES.

The Logic of English with young children.
This post delves deep into some of the sweetest moments of our learning day:
Using the tools within The Logic of English with my sweet Littles!

The GO-TO book for getting started with ABC's and littles:

(Image belongs to LOE)
Need help finding where to purchase this book?  Click here.
I love this book.
And we've had many, many alphabet books make their way through here.
This one?  The best.
I bought it for my littlest little, age one, for Christmas.
I bought it early in the season....but loved looking at the illustrations SO MUCH
that I left it out on my bedroom side table and
refused to wrap it until the very-last-minute.
It is THAT beautiful.

It differs from other ABC books in that it teaches
the sounds of A-Z letters.
If you are wondering about the "logic" behind this philosophy of teaching
letters, parents may find it very helpful to read
Uncovering the Logic of English, also by Denise Eide.

Come sneak a peek into one of our letter adventures...
using a preschool curriculum written by Winterpromise
alongside LOE.

Alphabet Books!
{part one}
The book on the right is Doodling Dragons, by Eide.
The book on the left?
That is little guy's "alphabet book."
It is a blank story book that I purchased from a local school supply shop.

Each week we "study" a different letter.
The week here, we are investigating the letter "I,i"

Day one, we open Doodling Dragons.
We enjoy illustrations that help us remember all the
different sounds "Ii" can make:  four sounds.
We work a little on alphabet book each day.

Day one:  we color and cut out a little printout of the letter.
Great to practice cutting and pasting.

A different day, little guy will get to think of words that start
with the letter-of-the-week, or even words that have the letter-of-the-week
INSIDE them.
And he'll illustrate them in his book.
Since he knows what printed letters look like,
he will often write words all by himself in uppercase letters.
I do not correct spelling--this is not the purpose of our time.
I encourage!!
If he thinks of a word, we celebrate! 

I let him think and draw as long as he wishes.
Or until the page is full up!
You can see here, that he is thinking of ALL the sounds "I,i" makes.
Not just the traditional short sound of I in "igloo."  But also, he thought of "item."
And to my glee, he spelled it correctly without any assistance.
He said he learned it from playing Wii.  {sigh}

Since "I,i" is a vowel, it is everywhere!!  And by teaching ALL of its sounds,
and enjoying the beautiful pictures within Doodling Dragons,
my son has visual pictures in his mind of all-the-wonderful-things-"I,i"-can-do!

Stay tuned for "Alphabet book" {part two}:  handwriting practice!

I love the preschool curriculum written by Winterpromise,
titled "I'm Ready to Learn."
We use this as a reference for fun games and resources,
such as "alphabet books."
It is so rich with ideas!
However, we do NOT use IRTL's reading methods/program.
Wherever IRTL has reading suggestions,
I substitue in the philosophies of LOE.
LOE is currently working on a kindergarten-specific curriculum,
called "Foundations."
We already purchased and loved IRTL long ago,
so we are using what we have on hand
and meshing the two!

Winterpromise "I'm Ready to Learn" preschool curriculum....  click here
The Logic of English "Foundations" beta testing K curriculum....  click here.
(*Note ~ I believe that the beta testing is closed, but the program
is coming out sometime in the click the link to find out more or
to contact Pedia Learning/LOE.)

***I am not affiliated in ANY way with The Logic of English or Winterpromise.
I did NOT receieve any free curriculum or incentives
to write this review. I do NOT know the author(s). I purchased
all of our Logic of English and Winterpromise material with my own money.
I do not get kickbacks or profit from readers clicking links.
I write to help other families, that is all.  Enjoy!***



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