Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gabe's first violin recital!

Gabriel's First Violin Recital
(photo:  practicing before the recital starts)
The recital was held at Capitol Lakes Retirment Home, downtown Madison.
Gabe plays his solo:  Twinkles "A"
The Suzuki Violin class with their instructor, Miss Lindsay.  (Gabe is front left).  Are you wondering...what in the world, how young are these kids??  Great question!!  Well, Gabe is the youngest one in the group; he began lessons four months ago at the age of 4--which is a prime age for beginning violin using the Suzuki method.

What is Suzuki?  Suzuki method is an educational philosophy that uses a nurturing envioronment to develop children's character, along with their musical talent.  The movement was started in Japan guessed it...Suzuki!  Suzuki believed that learning music went hand in hand with developing noble character, endurance, and discipline.  The "nurture" factor involves small steps, immersion into the language of music via repitition and imitation, and lots of encouragement along the way!  Suzuki saw music as a form of language, and believed that if youngsters can pick up the art of speaking in their native language long before they learn to read it--the same could be achieved with instruments.  Therefore students learn to play their violins before they are ever taught how to read sheet music.  Songs are memorized!  Performances are part of instruction, in order to make performing natural and enjoyable.  The method is not about raising musical prodigies; rather it is about character development.  Gabe has a weekly lesson, about 15 minutes long, and we practice at home daily for at least 5 minutes (at least....we try!)  There are many things for kids to be involved in today, and I believe strongly that the number one things kids need is:  uninterrupted space to be kids!  To play!!  So I love that this method accounts for Gabe being a 5 year old playful boy--he is allowed to be silly and tell jokes at be himself....

And before you start thinking that we are some weird crazy people with ecletic taste and no feet in reality, I want to throw my hands up to heaven at this moment and tell you, truly, that this whole experience is a gift from my God.  I just want my sons to have opportunities to impact this world with good.
And God, You see the desires of our hearts and move mountains in ways that make me weep with joy!
Praise You, God, for the tiny violin in my kitchen.
Further proof of your magnificent goodness.
From the mom who pinches pennies!  Worshipping a God who moves mountains....

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