Thursday, February 19, 2009

A 3 year old's prayer

As I tucked Gabe in tonight, I did the "warm up" cuddle with him and we proceeded to our nightly prayer time. Since we had arrived home late from biblestudy, almost 9pm, I said a rather short prayer and "amen," not giving Gabe the usual opportunity to interject his own words. Gabe called me on it:

"Mom, I want to thank God, too!"
me: "okay Gabe, go ahead...I'm sorry."
"Dear God, thank you for....time-outs.....I think?"
me: "Yes, time outs are a good thing because they teach you how to obey. God wants you to know how to obey."
"Ok...thank you God for Quinn, and for mommy and daddy, and Quinn.....and for our beds. Amen."
me: "That was an excellent prayer, Gabe! I know that God loved it too; He's probably smiling right now."

Gabe: "I think he's frowing up!"

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